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Re-imagining learning


Educator Innovator is both a blog and a network of networks devoted to creative and connected learning.

In schools and universities, libraries and museums, community-based programs and online communities, innovative educators are creating new learning environments and shaping new practices that respond to learners’ interests and take advantage of the affordances of a digital age. Their interests are diverse—making and DIY, STEM learning and citizen science, writing and media-making, arts and creative expression, civic engagement and positive career development—but together they share a common passion for igniting the creative and engaged learner in all of us.

The Educator Innovator

Educator Innovator provides an online “meet up”  for educators who are re-imagining learning. Educator Innovator is both a blog and a growing community of educators, partners, and supporters. If we want to educate a generation of young people to be innovators — to create, build, design, and use their talents to improve their world — we need to value the creative capacity in the mentors and teachers who support them.

As a network of networks, Educator Innovator gathers together like-minded colleagues and organizations whose interests and spirit exemplify Connected Learning: an approach that sees learning as interest-driven, peer supported, and oriented toward powerful outcomes. Educator Innovator and its partners support learning opportunities for teachers, youth workers, mentors, librarians, and museum educators that are open, re-mixable, and typically free or low-cost — and that share the goal of more powerful and connected learning for youth. The Educator Innovator does not see learning as the province of one institution or service, but rather sees our learning institutions and organizations as a larger ecosystem for learning, one that can be more powerful by being more connected.

The Educator Innovator Fund

Beginning with the 2013-14 academic year, Educator Innovator will also provide direct support in re-imagining learning on the ground through the Educator Innovator Fund, a micro-investment fund supporting practitioners working with youth and communities to move their practice toward connected learning and community engagement. To learn how you can support the Educator Innovator Fund, visit the Contribute page.

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