Throughout #clmooc, facilitators may offer to support you in your efforts via Google Hangouts, a powerful and easy-to-use video teleconferencing feature in Google +.  You will likely encounter invites and see links to join hangouts. This page will help you know what you’re clicking into and also provide you some support with getting oriented in a hangout and even starting your own hangout.

Important Note: You’ll need a Google + setup before you can participate in a hangout. Here’s the Getting Started with Google and our G+ Community page to help you get set up.  

A Snapshot of a Hangout

Here’s a snapshot of a hangout in full swing. Participants are collaborating on a Google Doc and using a group chat as another channel of discussion.

Google Hangout pic

A Detailed Video Tutorial on Getting started with Google Hangouts

For detailed support on launching a hangout and navigating during a hangout, check out this video tutorial created by Joe Dillon.


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Still Stuck?

If you’ve tried using the support provided here and you still can’t find the information you need, email Chad Sansing, one of our facilitators, at Chad uses the Internet like Luke Skywalker uses the Force. He can help.