Speaking of making, you’ll want to make yourself comfortable navigating #clmooc. This guide will help. Outside of this blog hub, you can participate in #clmooc via Twitter, Google + , and Google Hangout. The guide pages for this MOOC are described and linked below.


Each Thursday at 8pm ET, we’ll host a #clmooc Twitter chat. To join into the chats and make sense of any other Twitter content related to #clmooc, you’ll need a Twitter account and a beginning understanding of how to participate on Twitter. This Getting Started with Twitter and Twitter Chats page will link you to the information you need to get started.

Google and G+ Community

Daily chatter about #clmooc including will happen in the Google+ (or G+) Community. You’ll see participant-generated content here, as well as interesting resources related to making and Connected Learning. This community will be a forum where you can share your work or seek support in making and learning. For help staring a Google account and with joining Our G+ Community, check out Getting Started with Google and Our G+ Community.

Google Hangouts

Packaged inside Google + is a collaborative video conferencing tool called Google Hangout. Facilitators in #clmooc may host hangouts and invite participants to share their creations or to discuss Connected Learning principles. Additionally, participants might also decide to organize hangouts to collaborate more closely with the learners they connect with during #clmooc. For support with Google Hangouts, please visit Getting Started with Google Hangouts.