Ten Simple Ways to Get Started Right NOW!

  1. Sign up at right to start receiving a weekly newsletter about what’s happening in the MOOC. Check out our Newsletter Archives to see what you might have missed.
  2. Get oriented. Read the blog post on the #clmooc homepage that introduces the current Make Cycle. And while you’re at it, look up Make Cycles. (Make Cycles are the building blocks of this MOOC.) 
  3. Meet the MOOC community. Write a tweet to introduce yourself and your interests. Make sure to use the hashtag #clmooc. Write another tweet using the hashtag #clmooc to ask others how they got started. (Not sure how to tweet? Check out our Guide to Social Tools to get started with Twitter.)
  4. See what others in the MOOC community are working on. Skim and scan the blog hub to discover blogs to read. Visit the G+ #clmooc community posts to see what other people are making and discussing. (New to G+? Check out the Guide to Social Tools to get started with G+.)
  5. Think about what you’d like to make and learn. If you need ideas, check out the Make Bank and the current Make with Me.
  6. Check the calendar for any live events like webinars or hangouts. If it’s Thursday, wait around until 8:00 PM EST and then join in the weekly #clmooc Twitter chat.
  7. Think about what you can do to meet your own goals for Making Learning Connected. Watch David Cormier’s short video called Success in a MOOC to hear ideas about how you can manage your own learning in the context of a MOOC.
  8. Read about Connected Learning. Reflect on your own connected learning experiences and the experiences you design for others. Share your reflection with the MOOC community using any of the social tools and spaces we’ve listed.
  9. Meet the #clmooc facilitators. Check out their websites and follow them on Twitter. Contact one of them and let him/her know that you’re getting started.
  10. Go make something! We’ll still be here when you get back. We want to hear all about it.