Jump into 2014!

This blog at s21337.p425.sites.pressdns.com is the main website and archive of the 2013 Making Learning Connected event, also known as CLMOOC. Jump here to connect and join the 2014 Making Learning Connected! Looking forward to […]


It’s August 5, and Making Learning Connected’s formal make cycles and CL.TV webinars have come to an end. All the facilitators and staff at the National Writing Project want to thank you for your contributions […]

It’s Find Five Friday! #F5F

It’s Find Five Friday! As always, feel free to “find” what you’d like and make #F5F your own. But if you’d like a nudge, here’s one: Find Five Futures! Is there a digital tool you’d like […]

It’s Find Five Friday! #F5F

It’s Find Five Friday! Since this week has been all about making-to-reflect and reflecting-to-make, let’s take up participant Sheri Edwards‘ (or @grammasheri, if you will) invitation to look back over our past #F5F and collectively […]

Make Cycle 5: Reflecting

Welcome to Make Cycle Five in the Making Learning Connected collaboration! Thanks to Terry Elliott and Kevin Hodgson for last week’s exploration of Connected Learning Values. From Jennifer Denslow’s “reverse engineering” to Sheri Edward’s reflective make remixing, and […]