Missed a communication? No problem. Check out the newsletters and posts used to frame the making and learning in #clmooc.

Make cycles

Check out the archive of newsletters sent to the Making Learning Connected Community.

08/5/13    Thank You!

07/30/13   Make Cycle 6-Part Two: Envisioning the Future

07/23/13   Make Cycle 6: Envisioning the Future

07/15/13  Make Cycle 5: Reflecting

07/12/13  Make Cycle 4: We Believe in YOU

07/08/13  Make Cycle 4: Equity, Social Connection, Full Participation

07/06/13  Make Cycle 3: Reflections and Connections

06/30/13  Make Cycle 3: Interest-powered, Peer-supported, and Connected

06/29/13  Make Cycle 2: Reflections and Connections

06/23/13  Make Cycle 2: Shared Purpose and Open Networks

06/21/13  Make Cycle 1: Reflections and Connections

06/15/13  Make Cycle 1: Introductions

06/07/13  Welcome to Making Learning Connected

Find Five Friday

#clmooc features these blog posts on the homepage each Friday to generate participant-to-participant recognition

06/21/13 Find five people

06/28/13 Find five posts

07/05/13 Find five insights or questions

07/12/13 Find five – five options of what to find

07/19/13 Find five to curate

07/26/13 Find five futures

08/02/13 Find five conversations