Make Cycle 6-Part 2: Where We Are Going

Hexapod robot - image credit: Chris Devers

Hexapod robot – image credit: Chris Devers

Welcome to Part 2 of Make Cycle 6 in #clmooc. Over the last week, as we’ve been envisioning our future for making and connected learning as we move forward in the year, we knew we’d do amazing things, and we did! Last week Scott Glass reflected and envisioned ways to take the “emergent possible” seriously in his plans for teaching. Sheri Edwards’s #f5f finding futures post invited us to roll on together in the spirit of #clmooc and create a new place to share and connect. Jan Herder reflected on his #clmooc experience and envisioned a future of making that could include maker faires for anyone, anywhere.

Make Something

This week, we are asking you to consider several wrap-up makes. As always, feel free to make your own make as well.

1. Make some data about what we did this summer

Unlike all our other makes, we hope everyone will do this make, so we can capture this important information and use it for future projects. For instance: Make an infographic with Piktochart,, or your favorite tool to quantify your experience in #clmooc that might include the number of your makes, the number of webinars you participated in, the number of days you lurked, the number of chats you attended, the number of tweets you tagged #clmooc, etc.

A group of us are also discussing how we’ll look back at the making and learning that happened in all the spaces of #clmooc and are considering doing some ethnographic writing. We want participants to join us in this endeavor. Are you interested? Let us know, and stay tuned for more details.

Finally, please take a moment to complete this brief survey.

We’ll use the survey responses to help us understand what was successful for you and what we might do differently.

2. Share what you’ve learned and earn a badge.

Badges, including student-produced ones, will also be discussed on our “Make with Me” this week.

3. Make Plans to Stay Connected

  • Make a plan for how you will stay actively connected with the #clmooc community
    • This could involve staying active in our current G+ community, taking on a leadership role, joining other related G+ communities (e.g. Connected Learning, the National Writing Project, etc.), following each other on Twitter, working on a #clmooc tweet chat going forward, arranging small interest group G+ Hangouts through the year, joining Teachers Teaching Teachers, working on a group design project for a bigger ongoing community, or something else.
  • Make a plan to stay active with similar communities by:
  • Something else you come up with

4. Revisit the Make Bank.

Think about how you might remix and use some of these makes in your own educational context. Add a make you’ve been thinking about but haven’t written up. Try a make you’ve been wanting to do.

Here’s one new make you might want to consider doing this week: Curate and annotate an artifact from #clmooc. Share your work and show us why this artifact is important.

Places to Share

Please share your makes and reflections wherever you would like … just remember to tag them #clmooc! Here are some possible places to share:

Live Events

Here are our planned events for this week:

  • Make with Me – This week we’ll be talking about #clmooc badges and what we might want to demonstrate with them. Everyone is invited to participate. Just join us at the indicated time. And if you’d like to be in the hangout, either message Karen or just check in for the link which will be posted about 15 minutes before we begin.

    • Tuesday, July 30, 8pm Eastern

  • Tweet chat

    • Thursday, August 1, 8pm Eastern

  • Other impromptu events you might like to coordinate. We’d like to invite all of you to organize online brainstorming groups to support your planning as you move forward. If you’d like so set up a G+ Hangout or other gathering and want to invite others, email us or post on the G+ community.

Keep An Eye Out

For an invitation soon to join a network called Educator Innovator Initiative.


#clmooc has been an amazing collaboration, one that each of us has experienced in his or her own way. For some, it has been a chance to delve into the Connected Learning principles and values. For some, it has been a way to experience new kinds of making and reignite our passion for learning in that way. For some, it has been a chance to dip our toes into different knowledge pools, to try and get support in using new tools, to make new friends, and to example (make plain and open?) our goals, values, and learning lives. For a few, perhaps, it has been a deeply profound experience that has the potential to change us and our students.  For some, it has been an experience with a clear start and end; for others, it is just the start of a longer journey that will continue on.

The #clmooc resources and community will live online indefinitely. Please use, remix, and redistribute them as you find need. Our relationships and connections will also continue on, in the ways that we all envision and make true.

This is not goodbye, but until we make and learn together again – which we hope will be very soon!


All the #clmooc facilitators


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