Sign Ups Now Open for Making Learning Connected 2014

Dear 2013 #clmooc-ers,

Amaze yourself and inspire others! Be part of the second summer learning party focused on making learning connected.

Sign ups are now open for Making Learning Connected 2014. Making Learning Connected (#clmooc) is a collaborative, knowledge-building and sharing experience through Educator Innovator open to anyone interested in making, playing, and learning together about the educational framework known as Connected Learning.

As part of The Summer to Make, Play & Connect, #clmooc provides educators of all types with an opportunity to play with new tools, make projects and friends, and share projects and reflections with colleagues across the country and around the world.

Making Learning Connected runs from June 13–August 1, 2014. Sign up now to receive advance information in mid-May.

In addition to signing up, we encourage you to share Making Learning Connected with your colleagues, places of learning, with your networks, with anyone who you think might be interested in joining us this summer. We invite educators, in and out of school, and will provide a flexible and customizable ways to make and participate throughout the summer.

See our FAQ page for more. We hope you will join us!

Looking forward to making, learning and connecting with you this summer,

Jordan Lusink, National Writing Project
for the #clmooc team


Photo by #CLMOOC contributor Alicia Wright

Photo by #CLMOOC contributor Alicia Wright

It’s August 5, and Making Learning Connected’s formal make cycles and CL.TV webinars have come to an end. All the facilitators and staff at the National Writing Project want to thank you for your contributions and support. You have made our Massive Open Online Collaboration possible. Many of you generously took the time to to create, share, and connect during the six Make Cycles that ended yesterday, and many more supported the experience as readers (our word for ‘lurking) and by dipping in occasionally to provide comments and support. All of you made up the “dark matter” that held our CLMOOC universe in place.Even though the formal Make Cycles ended, #CLMOOC as a community will continue as an openly networked community:

  • Making Learning Connected, the  #CLMOOC G+ community, will remain open and, as    the facilitators have suggested, can be a touchstone as you engage in work back in your educational contexts.
  • The CLMOOC blog will continue to house the Make Bank, which also will remain open. Archives of the Make With Me Hangouts on Air, as well as newsletters and blog posts, will be accessible. And the facilitators plan to add artifacts to the blog like a Remix CLMOOC resource that will guide you through implementing your own version of this online experience.
  • Karen also has talked about engaging in a monthly #clmooc Twitter chat. So stay tuned at the G+ community for more info on that possibility.

Announcements of New Opportunities at Educator Innovator

Making Learning Connected was made possible by Educator Innovator, a new initiative at the National Writing Project that supports open leaning opportunities for practitioners about connected learning. Educator Innovator is, essentially, a network of networks making available a range of opportunities offered by Educator Innovator partner organizations, from Edutopia to MakerEd.

We have auto-subscribed all CLMOOC subscribers to the National Writing Project’s Educator Innovator blog where new making, connecting, and learning opportunities are announced. Very soon, you’ll receive a welcome newsletter from Educator Innovator which will include information on how to unsubscribe and opt out if you decide you’re not interested.

If you have questions, please contact:

Final Reminders

Please remember to complete the Making Learning Connected #clmooc survey. Your responses will help us understand what went well, and what we might do better or differently in a future iteration, should that come to pass.

And don’t forget to get yourself an I Made Learning Connected badge.

Thank you once again for your contributions to CLMOOC, and for the work you’re about to engage in with young people in your classrooms, afterschool programs, and formal and informal learning spaces. #clmooc ftw!

Make Cycle 6-Part 2: Where We Are Going

Hexapod robot - image credit: Chris Devers

Hexapod robot – image credit: Chris Devers

Welcome to Part 2 of Make Cycle 6 in #clmooc. Over the last week, as we’ve been envisioning our future for making and connected learning as we move forward in the year, we knew we’d do amazing things, and we did! Last week Scott Glass reflected and envisioned ways to take the “emergent possible” seriously in his plans for teaching. Sheri Edwards’s #f5f finding futures post invited us to roll on together in the spirit of #clmooc and create a new place to share and connect. Jan Herder reflected on his #clmooc experience and envisioned a future of making that could include maker faires for anyone, anywhere.

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It’s Find Five Friday! #F5F

envisioning the futureIt’s Find Five Friday! As always, feel free to “find” what you’d like and make #F5F your own. But if you’d like a nudge, here’s one:

Find Five Futures!

  • Is there a digital tool you’d like to try in the future?
  • Is there a community you’d like to make a connection with in the future?
  • Is there a cause you’d like to channel your making energies into in the future?
  • Is there a Make you’d like to create in the future?
  • Is there a blog post rumbling around in our head you’d like to write in the future?
  • Is there a ___________________________________ in the future? (Yes, fill in the blank how you’d like!)
  • Is there a #F5F topic you’d like to see in the future?
  • Is there an article a fellow #clmooc-er has posted, that you’d like to read in the future?

As always, you can share, discuss, reflect in your own way! If you do so on Twitter, add the #F5F hashtag. If you do so on G+, there’s a #F5F topic. You can always add your favorite #F5Fs to Sheri’s community-curated GDrive presentation here. And here, again, is the community #F5F Thimble that you can remix in order to post your Five Finds. Or you can take a make from Terry Elliott and mobilize your finds into video…


Make Cycle 6: Envisioning the Future

envisioning the future

Welcome to Make Cycle 6 in #clmooc! Thanks to Anna Smith and Joe Dillon for last week’s collaboration around reflecting on our #clmooc experiences. The range of reflective responses — from podcasts to photography — has demonstrated yet again the creativity and collaborative nature of you and others in the network.

While this is the last formal Make Cycle for #clmooc this summer, it seems just too good to end, doesn’t it?

And that’s what this Make Cycle is about — envisioning the future for making and connected learning in our lives as we move forward in our educational contexts.


Image credit: Findicons –

Let’s think about some Janus-faced makes, looking back and forward, around these questions:

  • What has making, hacking, mapping, and stating our beliefs accomplished for us?
  • How do these practices and the principles of Connected Learning fit into our individual and collective imaginations?
  • What might we plan to do next?

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It’s Find Five Friday! #F5F

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 5.33.39 AMIt’s Find Five Friday! Since this week has been all about making-to-reflect and reflecting-to-make, let’s take up participant Sheri Edwards‘ (or @grammasheri, if you will) invitation to look back over our past #F5F and collectively curate some of our favorite, influential, meaningful, surprising, fun finds!

To look back:

  • On G+ the #F5F hashtag results are here, and the #F5F topic is here.
  • On Twitter the #clmooc & #F5F hashtag results are here.
  • Our past #F5F challenges are here.

To #collabormake with Sheri, you can add your favorite #F5Fs to her community-curated GDrive presentation here

As always, you can share, discuss, reflect in your own way! If you do so on Twitter, add the #F5F hashtag. If you do so on G+, there’s a #F5F topic. And here again, is the community #F5F Thimble that you can remix in order to post your Five Finds!


Make Cycle 5: Reflecting

Welcome to Make Cycle Five in the Making Learning Connected collaboration! Thanks to Terry Elliott and Kevin Hodgson for last week’s exploration of Connected Learning Values. From Jennifer Denslow’s “reverse engineering” to Sheri Edward’s reflective make remixing, and from Chris Lawrence’s Credo Jam to Allie Bishop Pasquier’s 6-second Vine Credo, we were inspired by the many credos, conversations and makes that took the values of equity, full participation and social embeddedness to task this week.

For this next Make Cycle, we focus our energies to reflect on our learning, making, and connecting. As you create and compose this week, we invite you to look back on your experience in the Making Learning Connected #clmooc. Here are two of many ways to reflect on your experiences:

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